I use nontraditional print-making methods--including hand cut stencils and a Japanese screen printing toy called a Gocco printer--as a starting point for original mixed media pieces. I use spray paint, acrylics, gouache, and inks, and print on a variety of surfaces including wood, fabric and antique papers (preferring handwritten love letters, envelopes, journal pages, sheet music and maps).

I am most satisfied when I can make a tangible or visceral connection between the materials used and the image rendered. My work is deeply layered, often both literally and figuratively. My imagery--nostalgic and wistful--is largely biographical and reflective of my pensive nature.

I am as inspired in my art as much by childhood memories of growing up on a Midwestern farm as I am the urban community in which I now live. I am influenced by bicycles, street art, gardening, and random found objects, collective endeavors that challenge hierarchy, acts of compassion, downright silliness, and things with wings.



Selected Solo Exhibits

2014        Be Attitudes                                      Quirk Gallery                                                                           Richmond, VA

2013        Amy Rice                                            Baari Vakiopaine                                                                   Jyväskylä, Finland   

2012        Visiting Artist Series                       Lunenburg Cultural Centre                                                Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

2011        Growing a Sense of Direction             View Art Gallery                                                               Victoria, BC

2011        Rooted                                                     Art Star Gallery                                                                  Philadelphia, PA     

2010        It’s a Closed System                           View Art Gallery                                                                 Victoria, BC

2010        The First Day                                       Swan Song Gallery                                                              Maiden Rock, WI

2009         Don’t Worry; I Have a Map              Soo Visual Arts Center                                                     Minneapolis, MN

2009         Say Good Morning Tigerlily              Art Star Gallery                                                                 Philadelphia, PA

2008         Both Sweet and Illicit                        Bluebottle Art Gallery                                                     Seattle, WA

2008         Serendipitous                                   Quirk Gallery                                                                        Richmond, VI

2008         Feather Your Nest                            Paperboat Gallery                                                          Milwaukee, WI

2007         Attest and Grow                               Gallery 122                                                                          Minneapolis, MN

2007         Find Your Wings                               Art Star Gallery                                                                   Philadelphia, PA

2006         Hundred Year Round Trip                   Bluebottle Art Gallery                                                    Seattle, WA

2006         Egg Basket Full of Hollyhock Dolls      Christianson Gallery, Augsburg College               Minneapolis, MN

2005         Traveling Cupcake Show                    Exeter Phoenix and Milk Gallery                                 Exeter, UK

2005         Coming Home                                  Hue Art Gallery                                                                      Madison, WI

2003         Visible Fringe                                   Hey City Theater                                                                    Minneapolis, MN


Selected Group Exhibits    

2012       Unpacked                                           Curated by Inez Suen                                                     Shanghai and Beijing, China

2011       Delightful 3 (with Jennifer Davis)           Historic Minnesota Building                                   St. Paul, MN

2010       Pilot                                                   Greyduck Gallery                                                                 Austin, TX

2010       Re:Form School                                   Curated by Yosi Sergant                                                New York, NY

2010       Manifest Equality                                 Curated by Yosi Sergant                                                Los Angeles, CA

2009       Manifest Hope                                     Curated by Yosi Sergant                                               Denver, CO

2008       Affirmations                                        artstream gallery                                                               Rochester, NH

2008       Nest (with Terrence Payne)                   Alcoa House/ Sotheby’s Real Estate Group          Minneapolis, MN

2008       Outside In                                           Carmichael Gallery                                                               Los Angeles, CA

2007       Delightful Too (with Jennifer Davis)        Young Blood Gallery                                                   Atlanta, GA

2006       The Girl’s Room                                    Jen Bekman Gallery                                                        New York, NY

2006       That Show                                            Gallery Revisited                                                                Los Angeles

2006       Group Show                                         Dartington College of Arts,                                            Devon, UK

2006       Delightful (with Jennifer Davis)               Rosalux Gallery                                                           Minneapolis, MN

2006       Pretty Surrealists                                   CB’s 313 Gallery (CBGB’s)                                            New York, NY

2005       Now Showing (with Jon Nelson))             Rosalux Gallery                                                            Minneapolis, MN

2004       Rolling Plains Art Gallery                       Plains Art Museum                                                         Fargo, North Dakota

2004       Draw                                                   Soo Visual Arts Center                                                       Minneapolis, MN

2004       Green                                                   Rosalux Gallery                                                                  Minneapolis, MN

2004       Vinyl Killer’s                                          Zeitgeist Art Gallery                                                        Portland, Oregon

2004       Paper Politics                                        In These Times                                                               Chicago, IL

2004       For the People                                       Crucible Steel Gallery                                                   San Francisco, CA  

2004       Process Invisible                                     The Goodfoot                                                               Portland, Oregon

2004       The Interventionists                                 Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art                   North Adams, MA

2003       Stencils: The Art of Negative Space          Cell Space Gallery                                                       San Francisco, CA

2003       Visible Fringe                                         AZ Gallery                                                                              St. Paul, MN

2003       Strictly Women                                      Outsiders and Others Gallery                                        Minneapolis, MN



1993          Bachelor of Arts Degree                         Augsburg College                                                      Minneapolis, MN


Selected Bibliography

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2014 Artist Initiative Grant, Minnesota State Arts Board

2012 Next Step Grant Award, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

2012 Fine Arts Exhibition at the Minnesota State Fair, Two Special Awards, Tweed Art Museum and MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

2007 Arts Access Award, VSA Minnesota, the State Organization on Art and Disability